Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The fading away of Fall

So this week I went for a kimono printed using a stencil pattern, this kind of textile dying is known as Katazome and is particular to Japan. I chose to wear this kimono this week as it looks like it is fall like with it's maple leaves and browns, golds and reds, but with a tinge of winter (the cream background). Given that next week is Solstice I felt that this would be the last chance to wear this kimono till next fall.

This was a great class I learned that even though some people in Japan share the same last name that their mon or family crest is different. In Scotland tartans are clan based but generally people with the same last name would share the same tartan, and it is not uncommon to have earned the right to wear mote than one. For example when I got married to my husband he wanted a traditional Scottish wedding. His brother played the pipes so that helped, I wore my families school tartan while he wore Royal Stuart which his great-grandfather had earned the right to wear while fighting in a Scottish battalion in the Khyber Pass. He had also earned the right to wear Blackwatch, however that is the colors of the Black and Tans who fought against the Irish including my family so that would have been a poor choice when marrying into my family.

Here are a couple of more shots from today...
After taking off my kimono I realized that I didn't get a good shot of my obi so you must forgive me slinging it over the back of the chair for this shot.

Here is a close up of the printing...

Here's a closer shot of a color transition in the small flower in the center of the shot, it really is quite beautiful...

Anyway that's it for me for this week, the next couple of weeks I will be on holiday so I may not post. Kind regards to all who celebrate as they will or not if they should so choose.


  1. Hello there Cat !
    My goodness what a gorgeous kimono ! I worked with an American gal, in Holland (NATO library) who while stationed in Guam ? I think , collected obi(s)? not sure of the multiple for obi ..
    This is such a beautiful work of art kimono and obi .. the fabric design is breathtaking.
    So you are alive and kicking ? LOL ... I am taking a break from the blogging bit to for now .. we are having a weird non snow season which is not good for the garden of course.
    I have to mention I loved reading about your husband with Scottish roots and you with Irish .. my husband is with Irish roots and I with Scottish, now how funny is that ? haha
    Take care and have a great time with the holidays !
    Joy : )

  2. Hey there Joy,
    In truth I was born and raised in Scotland, but my family came from Ireland. I came over to America a quarter of a century ago, and decided to stay.
    We have had a drought in California, this has involved me bailing my bath water into the garden and other fun shenanigans. My kitchen continues to be under construction, we lifted the countertops off this summer and re-enforced the cabinets below in preparation for new counter tops.
    Sadly my beloved cat Purps passed away in the spring and we have not quite been able to bring ourselves to adopt again, perhaps we will in the new year.
    Anyway that's my news. Kind regards to you and yours, and a happy holidays to all.